NSU Kettenkrad

VEHICLE: NSU Kettenkrad, light half-truck gun tractor
YEAR: 1943
AVAILABLE FOR: TV & Film / Photo Shoots, Events & Displays
CONDITION: Excellent
ADDITIONAL INFO : Most Kettenkrads saw service on the Eastern Front, where they were used to lay communication cables, pull heavy loads and carry soldiers through deep mud.  Later in the war, Kettenkrads were used as runway tugs for aircraft, especially for the Messerschmitt ME 262 jet fighter, and sometimes the Arado Ar 234 jet reconnaissance-bomber.  The vehicle had the advantage of being the only gun tractor small enough to fit inside the hold of the Ju 52, and was the lightest mass-produced German military vehicle to use the complex Schachtellaufwerk overlapped and interleaved road wheels used on almost all German military half-track vehicles of World War II.
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