RAF Chart Table

 ITEM: WW11, RAF, Air Ministry Chart Table, Bigsworth Plotting Board, Plotter 6b/137. 
YEAR: 1940’s
AVAILABLE FOR: TV & Film / Photo Shoots, Events & Displays
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION : WW2 Air Ministry Bigsworth chart table plotter.  Manufactured by OPC Ltd for the Air Ministry in 1940. This is a laptop plotting board used by navigators in smaller aircraft where there was no room for a full fixed plotting table. They were also used in training navigators.
Wooden plotting board approximately 17” x 17” and is fitted with jointed/articulated brass plotting arm which has an adjustable Perspex (or similar) rule.  The board itself is carefully made and incorporated elongated slots to allow the wood to move without splitting as moisture levels changed. On the back is a green canvas which I think was to hold pencils. Clearly marked to reverse with Air Ministry King’s crown stamps, manufacturer’s details and 1940 date code.
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